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Don't Believe the Myths About Teeth Whitening

Don't Believe the Myths About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is in vogue these days. Once the preserve of only the rich and celebrities, it’s now in the reach of anyone who wants to get their teeth whitened and brightened. More people now consult the dentist and look to whiten their teeth as they know the treatment or procedure is quite affordable and has no harm at all. All however is not well with teeth whitening as far as myths do, which are plenty in circulation. There are many false notions that people are presented regarding tooth whitening, but not all are meant to be trusted.   

Here are some of myths you should not believe about teeth whitening - 

Myth 1. Teeth whitening will damage the enamel
If you’re one of those who believe that teeth whitening can damage the enamel, they you’re mistaken. It does not, as even studies have proven that long before. Whitening is an established form of dentistry and when done by a professional dentist, it carries absolutely no risk whatsoever. Even a dental hygienist or therapist can do perform whitening and ensure zero harm to the enamel.  The problem only happens in cases where the procedure is done by someone neither due knowledge nor expertise, which can surely cause problems to the enamel.

Myth 2. Teeth whitening results will stay forever
You’re wrong if you think that teeth whitening results will stay forever. They won’t as your teeth will indeed look shades whiter and brighter after procedure, but the whiteness will start to lose or fade over time. But if you take good care with your foods and eating habits and lifestyle, there is no reason why your teeth can’t look good for more. So, you should go for whitening every few months, preferably twice a year to maintain the glow and natural shine. And yes, avoid tobacco, smoking, tea, coffee, wine etc. 

Myth 3. Whitening will make your teeth look unnatural
Don’t buy into that myth at all because whitening won’t make your teeth look unnatural. The treatment is tried and tested, and even if done at home, it does not make your tooth anything but natural. With at-home whitening trays, you can continue on till you realize your teeth have achieved right colour and glow. All will be in control and you can stop as an when it deems fit to you. Plus, when the dentist does the whitening, everything will go smoothly with no hassle or risk, visual or functional.
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Myth 4. Teeth whitening causes extreme sensitivity
No, teeth whitening does not cause extreme sensitivity. However, there is a possibility that you may feel a sensation of burn, sting or irritation during the course of the procedure. Only a bit of sensitivity may happen in worst cases as on the whole, the procedure neither hurts not causes any harm. Even if mild sensitivity is there, the dentist will manage that with the use of a right product. So, you should approach the treatment without any worry or fear in the mind to whiten your teeth and improve the beauty of your smile.

Myth 5. You can never drink coffee or wine again
This is not right because whitening poses so much restrictions. You however are advised by the dentists to stay away from tea and coffee for a few days after the procedure. In fact, you are asked restraint with all acidic foods not it is not meant to forever, but for a few days. This is done so that the pores which are open after whitening don’t let chemicals enter into them and dilute the effect. You can also consult the dentist and know laser teeth whitening cost and benefits. 

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